In the downloadable PDF you can find the complete trackrecord of every stock idea I ever presented (in a Dutch magazine). The current selection ofcourse nameless.

Last update 18/02/2024

Some Facts

  • There were 219 positions taken, averaging 17 per year. This might sound like a lot, but as you know from the Investment Philosophy, I prefer to buy with 80% knowledge and then get to know the companies even better. This means that some companies were in the portfolio for a short period.

  • Shortest holding period: 21 days (closed positions)

  • Longest holding period: 4,750 days and counting

  • On average, a stock was held for 1.6 years (closed positions).

  • Approximately 1 in every 3 positions incurred losses, while approximately 2 in every 3 positions were profitable.

  • Losers had an average loss of -28,2%, and winners had a gain of +59,5%.

  • The average result is 25.3% (closed positions).

In other words, with more winners than losers and higher profits than losses, the return since 2011 is quite satisfactory, despite recent declines. Really oversimplifying things, a 25.3% return over 1.6 years translates to an annual return of 15,8%.

I'll be very honest about this – my portfolio average is lower. In other words, I might have been better off giving each position equal weight. My strength clearly lies in finding ideas, possibly less so in capital allocation.

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